NetSuite Customization


Out-of-the-box software is designed for the masses, especially when it crosses different industries. We understand that one size does not fit all. Software that does not meet the needs of the organization or that is not intuitive to the end-user is software that will not be used. Our highly skilled team of professional consultants take customization to the next level. Not only do we create customizations that meet the strict business requirements, but we utilize an iterative approach to ensure the customization meets the wants and needs of the end-user. Whenever possible we build in automation to reduce the number of manual steps in order to increase speed and efficiency. We will not develop a customization that we would not use ourselves.

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Before any customization, we will sit down with you and your team to discuss your current business processes and desired results. During this discussion, we will brainstorm and provide feedback. 


After a clear understanding of the challenge, we will brainstorm different possible solutions and select the best fit. We will document this solution in an easy to understand manner. 


After architecture, we will take an iterative approach to developing the solution.